Types of stone

The types of stone most commonly used for memorial stones are:
Yorkshire Sandstone, Italian White Marble and Granite.

Yorkshire Sandstone

This stone is quarried locally; it is a sandy material and can also change colour as a result of the weather, attracts dirt and algae. At one time this stone was very popular. As more choice is now available; people use it far less. An advantage of this stone is that it is more durable and hardwearing than white marble and the lettering itself stays in good condition.

Italian White Marble

The marble we use comes from Italy and is of the finest quality. However, there are two main problems with marble; the first is that it gets dirty very quickly. Secondly, it is a porous material and it will be affected by the bad weather, especially the acid rain. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do about this. The only thing we can do is to supply the finest top grade marble, in order that it should not deteriorate as quickly as cheaper quality marble.

We are at present working on a special chemical which will eventually be used to preserve memorial stones and stop them from reacting badly to weather conditions.


Granite is the most superior quality material available, which is why it is so popular. It is strong, long-lasting, easy to clean, attractive and non-porous. A tremendous amount of work goes into making this stone beautifully polished and ready to engrave, from its original raw state. When you take into consideration all the assets that this stone has, the price really does reflect this beautiful quality stone. Granite is available in many different beautiful colours!

There are many different grades of granite. Not every type of granite is suitable for the monumental trade, as some granite’s are soft and porous and can absorb the weather.

Please be aware when purchasing a memorial that you are being supplied the correct granite for its use. A cheaper price can be reflecting an inferior quality stone. Granites can look the same at first, but you might not be buying the correct quality granite!


Marble & Granite

There is one option which some families prefer, half marble, half granite. The advantage of this design is the aesthetics.


Chinese Granite

Some granite producers / factories polish the granite with an added colour dye. After a short time, this dye can wear out causing the stone to appear like its losing its colouring.

“The problems with these types of stone are, they absorb the weather, leave a lot of water marks and look very patchy, showing dark and light areas.”

It is important when buying a memorial stone to understand what it is you are being supplied
with. Our aim is to give you all the knowledge to help you come to an informative decision!

We can provide the Chinese Granite as represented in the pictures below. These memorial
stones look beautiful, but the colouring can deteriorate as described above!